Solar Panels

Solar Panels


The Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels absorb sunlight and produce electricity using photovoltaic cells. By directly converting the sun’s rays the solar PV modules can be used for your everyday activities in a business or household environment. There has been significant advancements in the efficiency and effectiveness of solar panels over the past decade and the cells no longer need direct sunlight to produce electricity. This means that even on cloudy days they can still generate some electricity – good news for the UK climate!



The Benefits of Solar PV Panels


By having your own solar PV system installed at your home or commercial premises, you can enjoy a variety of benefits, which include the following:


  • Your own clean independent renewable power source.
  • Reduce your electricity bills by up to 100%, depending on your energy consumption rate and size of system.
  • Generate income from Government incentives, such as the Feed-In-Tariff
  • Increase the value and/or saleability of your property.
  • Little or no maintenance is required because it is a solid state energy conversion process.
  • Silent in operation.
  • No planning permission needed (unless you live in a listed building or conservation area).
  • Works all year round and can last 40+ years.


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